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Since starting my business in 2001, I’ve helped thousands of ambitious people accelerate their leadership and achieve their potential.

And now I’d like to offer YOU the same opportunity! 

Here are some of the ways I can help you, including my free resources.

I’m proud to have worked with amazing people from:

The Audio Series


Join thousands of people, from over 100 countries worldwide, who have become better leaders and supercharged their career with the Lessons in Leadership audio series. 


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“This is just the best set of leadership interviews I have ever listened to.”

United Kingdom


Executive Coaching


This is coaching where it counts. The changes can be profound. And because no two clients are alike, the process is tailor-made, just for you and your unique requirements.


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Psychological Counselling

CREATE A BUTTON FOR Psychological Counselling (replace LIL up top with Dr Michelle Pizer)

Just because you’re smart and successful doesn’t mean that you won’t sometimes have mental health issues too.

Our psychologists are qualified with decades of experience, a corporate background, and expertise in both counselling and organisational psychology. 

We’ve been there and will help.


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Employee Care


I partner with amazing places to work as their Organisational Psychologist. It’s a radically better approach to employee care.


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The Mini Course


On this Mini Course, you’ll get the framework for diagnosing tricky people problems at work, along with simple, effective strategies to turn them around.

It’s based on my award-winning PhD research. And it’s FREE!


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“I’m learning a great deal of practical leadership techniques that I can apply to my daily work.”



Successful Salary Negotiations



In this FREE eBook, you’ll discover how to successfully negotiate your next salary.

Because you’re worth it! 


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Step Up + Stand Out



In this eBook, you’ll discover what executive presence is and how you can master the essentials.

It includes the Executive Presence Checklist, so you can work out which essentials to focus on first. And yes, it’s FREE!


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“This hits all my sweet spots in upskilling.”







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